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Contact phone number of the BOSCH diesel service manager:
Vodafone +38 (050) 341-24-54
Vodafone +38 (099) 926-17-98
Kyivstar +38 (096) 482-54-27

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The modern stage of development of technology is characterized by further complication of structures aimed at increasing the productivity of machines and equipment, improving economic, environmental and other indicators. Following the light vehicles, such changes also affected larger vehicles, such as trucks, agricultural, construction and other special equipment. Most of these vehicles have diesel engines equipped with BOSCH fuel systems. BOSCH is the undisputed leader in the production of fuel systems around the world. A natural consequence of the increasing complexity of the designs of fuel systems is the increased requirements for equipment and personnel during the repair of such systems. For full diagnostics and repair operations, appropriate diagnostic devices, software,equipment for disassembly, assembly and inspection of finished products. In this regard, the interest of customers who are interested in the repair of BOSCH fuel systems in Kirovograd, who operate modern equipment, to a certified service that maintains a guarantee for the work performed and installed spare parts, as well as has close contact with the manufacturer, is natural.

The international network of service stations "Bosch Service" dates back to 1921. One of the directions is the concept "Bosch Diesel Service". The stations of "Bosch Diesel Service" all over the world undergo very strict certification and are enterprises that have everything necessary to carry out such repairs at the level of the manufacturer's standards. Our company carries out just such a repair of diesel fuel equipment in Kropyvnytskyi (form. Kirovograd).
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Our company has been engaged in the repair and maintenance of fuel systems for agricultural and cargo vehicles since 2003 using the Dizotester test bench. At the initial stage, we only repaired traditional fuel systems (A, M, MW and P-type pumps and injectors, repair of fuel pumps in Kirovograd, repair of injectors, repair of diesel fuel injection systems in the city of Kirovograd). Since 2007, we have been inspecting and partially repairing electronic fuel injection systems of the CAPS (Cummins) and Common-Rail (BOSCH) types. In 2012, with the purchase of a set of equipment based on the EPS 815 test bench, we became an official “Bosch Diesel Service”. In our arsenal of equipment, we have the KTS Truck (BOSCH) diagnostic complex, which makes it possible to diagnose practically all electronic systems of modern commercial transport and, first of all, components and assemblies of the fuel system and engine directly on the car. Such diagnostics makes it possible to assess the need, direction and scale of repair operations.
Диагностика и ремонт топливной аппаратуры Bosch
Our stand EPS 815 is equipped with a KMA (BOSCH) measuring system and EPS 948 (BOSCH) set, which allows checking and adjusting Common-Rail injectors for trucks and cars, Common-Rail fuel pumps (repair of Common Rail systems in Kropyvnytskyi (formerly . Kirovograd)). We have sufficient equipment to carry out repairs of these systems of any complexity. Our specialists undergo training several times a year at BOSCH training centers in Kiev , which allow developing and improving knowledge of repair and diagnostics in the context of constant development and improvement of technology. In addition to electronic diesel injection systems, we continue to offer the customer diagnostics, repairs and maintenance of traditional diesel fuel systems. The number of equipment equipped with such systems is decreasing, but many such machines will still be in operation for quite a long time..
Топливный стенд Bosch
Cooperation with BOSCH gives service stations huge advantages, such as wide information support, use of a hotline, access to software and, of course, to the latest novelties of diagnostic and repair equipment, as well as to modern repair technologies.

In our work, we use only original spare parts, since our experience shows that only by acting in this way, you can be sure of the quality of the work performed. In the process of rendering services for fuel systems, we try to find an individual approach to each client and satisfy his needs as much as possible.

Contact phone number of the BOSCH diesel service manager:
Vodafone: +38 (050) 341-24-54
Vodafone: +38 (099) 926-17-98
Kyivstar: +38 (096) 482-54-27

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